• I checked the terms of use from “Click here for new registration”, entered my email address on the email address authentication screen, and pressed “Issue a verification code”, but I did not receive an email.
  • Please make sure it is not in your spam folder. Also, please check on your device whether you have allowed to receive emails from the “@en.bushi-navi.com” domain.

  • I did not receive the SMS verification code.
  • The following are possible reasons for not receiving the verification code.

    ・The phone number you entered is incorrect.
    ・SMS is delayed due to phone reception.
    ・Receive SMS is restricted due to spam settings, etc.
    ・SMS storage capacity is full
    ・Cannot be used due to line contract details
    ・Mobile communication is disabled

  • I don’t have a mobile phone, so I can’t verify SMS. What should I do?
  • You can contact our Bushi Navi Support [bushinavi_global_sp@bushiroad.com]. Do note that this may take a few day to process and personal information may need to be provided to confirm your identity.

  • Is there any information that will be disclosed to others when I enter my profile?
  • Only handle name will be displayed in the matchups, match history, and standings.

  • I am unable to change my handle name
  • If you are applying for an event, you will be unable to update your profile.

  • Can I search for multiple events at once?
  • No, it is not possible.

  • The “Distance to Venue” search criteria is not working!
  • Please check if location service are enable on your mobile device. Please note that this may not work depending on the device

  • What are the check boxes beside the event?
  • You can choose to apply for multiple events at once by checking them.

  • After applying, how do I know if I was selected for the event?
  • Your status will be reflected as “Selected” under the “My Event” page.
    In the case of lottery draw, it will be “Submitted” until the day of the draw.

  • Location check-in is not displayed on the My Event Details screen.
  • Location check-in is not enabled by the event organiser(official store).

  • Location check-in is not working.
  • Please check if location information is allowed in your smartphone settings and try again.
    If you are using Android devices

    [Android OS 10 or higher]
     Set “Location” and “Google Location Accuracy” to ON in the settings screen.

    [Android OS 10 or lower]
    Set “Location” to ON and “Mode” to “High Accuracy”.

    *Please note that settings may differ depending on your Android model and OS version.

  • If I forgot to bring my device to the event, can I still participate in the event I applied for?
  • Bushi Navi allows manual check-in and other functions. However it is up to store discretion to allow users without devices to participate.
    Please kindly make sure you have access to Bushi Navi and your account on the day of event.

  • My opponent reported the wrong result. What do I do?
  • Please notify the event organiser to rectify the issue.

  • What happens if my opponent does not approve the results?
  • The event organiser can check and directly approve the result if there are no issues.

  • How do I check if I have retired from the event?
  • You can check via the status label in “My Event Details” screen.

  • Unable to update Bushi Navi app.
  • Please search for [Bushi Navi] and update directly from the store.
    If you are still unable to update, please contact Bushi Navi Support [bushinavi_global_sp@bushiroad.com].

  • What is the size of Bushi Navi app?
  • Around 20MB.

  • The app does not work for me!
  • Please check that the latest version is installed.
    If the latest version is installed, please exit the app fully and restart.
    If you still experience the same problem after trying the above steps, please contact us at [bushinavi_global_sp@bushiroad.com]

  • Can I cancel my account?
  • Your account can be deleted under “Profile”.