Guidelines for Images

The images shown on Bushiroad websites, including but not limited to Cardfight!! Vanguard, Weiss Schwarz and Future Card Buddyfight, may only be used under the conditions stated below. It is not necessary to apply or seek for permission each time the image is used should the user follow the guidelines and conditions stated. By following the conditions stated below, it is not necessary to pay the copyright fees, or secondary use fees normally incurred.

When in doubt over any part of the guidelines provided, kindly contact our user support at name=”sg_support email”> for any individual queries or clarifications.

The guidelines stated herewith are subject to changes by Bushiroad at any given time without any prior notice. The amended guidelines (if any) will take immediate effect upon posting on the site.

By using the image, the user hereby agrees to the following conditions:

  • The image(s) are only to be used for and on a website.
  • No changes may be made to the image. This includes but not limited to editing and changing of file formats. The image must not be used as part of any web applications or software. This includes but not limited to applications such as JavaScript, Ajax and Adobe Flash.
  • The image data are not to be re-distributed in any other manner. It is not prohibited to use/post the images on a website. However, the image data must not be available for batch download, nor distributed as part of any application or software.
  • Image data are for non-commercial use only (such as non-profit organisations, non-profit groups, personal, or educational entities with non-profit objectives). Commercial usage by registered companies and places where profit is gained, as well as websites with sources of revenue such as advertisement income, affiliate income are strictly not allowed.
  • Use of images must not cause damage to the status, honor, and image of Bushiroad or its products in any way, nor should there be a possibility that
    these situations may occur.
  • Image data must not be used in any illegal, or immoral manner, or in any fashion which may be deemed so in the future.
  • The image must not be affiliated with any individual political party, or religious groups. A possibility of such affiliations should not be present as well.
    The site where the image data is used, or the method in which said data is used must not be deemed inappropriate in any way.
  • The following copyright information must be displayed prominently on the website where the image data is used.

    The card images used on this site have been obtained and re-posted from Bushiroad websites in accordance to the guidelines stated there. Re-use of these images (re-post, distribution) is strictly prohibited.
    ©bushiroad All Rights Reserved.