Format & Regulations | Shop Challenge | Bushiroad Spring Fest 2020 (BSF2020)

Bushiroad Spring Fest 2020

Shop Challenge


Format Individual
Language Only English edition cards may be used.
Deck A player must use the same deck throughout a tournament. No switching of cards is permitted in between games within a tournament, except for the situations specified in the Sideboard Ruling for BFE Best of 3 tournaments.
Cards Cards from new expansions are legal to use from the expansion’s official release date.
Cards from expansions which are available after Sneak Preview / Pre-sale events are not allowed for use in the tournaments until the expansions are officially released.
Deck Registration It is not mandatory to submit a deck list upon tournament registration.
Entry Fee Please check with your local stores.
Time-up Policy 3-extra turns according to Bushiroad TCG Advanced Floor Rules.

Sideboard Ruling (For Future Card Buddyfight Best of 3 rounds)

  • Fighters must use the same Buddy and Flag throughout the whole tournament. Fighters cannot change the Buddy or Flag between games.
  • Fighters can have 0-10 cards for their sideboard.
  • The 4 per deck rule applies to the main deck and sideboard as a whole. (i.e. You may only have up to 4 of a certain card between your deck and sideboard. Like normal games, your Buddy does not count towards the 4 per deck.)
  • Between games 1-2 and 2-3 of each round, fighters may use cards from their sideboard to change their deck.
  • After sideboarding, the deck needs to be in a legal state and the sideboard can be no more than 10 cards.
  • Fighters must return deck to pre-sideboard state before each new round.

VGE-S / VGE-P / WSE / BFE Regulation & Formats

VGE-S VGE-P WSE BFE Cut to Top 8 or Top 4
Best of 1, Swiss
25 min/round
Best of 1, Swiss
25 min/round
Best of 1, Swiss
30 min/round
Best of 1, Swiss
20 min/round
Best of 3, Swiss
40 min/round
≤ 4 players: Round Robin

5-16 players: Cut to Top 4

> 16 player: Cut to Top 4

Cut to Top 8 or Top 4
Best of 1, Single
Best of 1, Single
Best of 1, Single
Best of 3, Single
(sideboard allowed)