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Vanguard Zero Winter Circuit 2021

About Vanguard ZERO Summer Circuit

VG ZERO Summer Circuit will be a new Bushiroad-sanctioned tournament, similar to Vanguard ZERO Winter Circuit that was held last year. This is a special tournament event where players can participate for a chance to win exclusive PR items and many in-game rewards!
This circuit will take place from June 2022 – October 2022.
The VG ZERO Summer Circuit encompasses of the following:

● 6 Rank Fight Seasons
● 2 Open Qualifiers
● 1 Circuit Finals

Vanguard Zero Summer Circuit 2022 - Tournament Timeline

Overall Tournament Structure

  1. This circuit will adopt an individual tournament format.
  2. Top 30 from each Rank Season for the duration of June 2022 to August 2022 will be qualified and invited to the Circuit Finals.
  3. Players who have already qualified through the previous rank seasons will have their invite passed down to the next eligible candidate.
  4. There will be 2 Open Qualifiers, both will be held in September 2022.
  5. Top 38 from each Open Qualifier will be invited to participate in the Circuit Finals in October.
  6. Open Qualifiers is open to all participants, but players who have already qualified through the rank seasons will have their invite passed down to the next eligible candidate in the next rank season.
  7. Pre-registration is required for Open Qualifiers and will be open for approximately 4-5 days before the tournament.
  8. Check-in is compulsory and will commence one hour before the start of each tournament (Open Qualifiers and Circuit Finals).
  9. Refrain from changing your in-game Username if you have qualified for the Circuit.

Tournament Format

Open Qualifiers: Best of 1, Swiss

Circuit Finals: Best of 3, Conquest format
(Players will bring 3 decks, the opponent gets to choose one of the decks to be banned for that round. Once a player has won with a deck, the player will have to switch to their other available deck. First to win 2 games will win that round.)

Modified Swiss, cut to top 8 which will be played on the next day