Bushiroad TCG Global User Survey is Starting Soon!

Bushiroad TCG Global User Survey is Starting Soon!

Singapore (August 28, 2023) – The Bushiroad Group (henceforth referred to as Bushiroad) announces the global user survey with the aim of creating better Trading Card Game (TCG) products, play environments, and services through feedback from Bushiroad TCG users around the world.

In 2022, the TCG industry experienced exponential growth thanks to the increased popularity of Japanese animation (commonly referred to as anime) in the global market and a growing demand for collectibles. In line with the burgeoning market, Bushiroad TCGs also expanded globally thanks to the gaining popularity of existing brands as well as release of new TCG titles.

■ Survey Platforms:

  • 1 – Bushiroad TCG General Survey
    This will be conducted in September and will be announced on our official Bushiroad Global website, as well as social media accounts.
  • 2 – Each Bushiroad TCG Brand Survey

■ Survey Period: September 2023

■ Survey Target Group:

  • Bushiroad TCG users worldwide
  • To be conducted in 5 languages

■ Reporting of Survey Results:

The results of this survey will be announced at various Bushiroad conferences and on the official Bushiroad website starting from December 2023.
After the survey period, the company will consider how feedback from the survey that can be beneficial to users can be incorporated into the company’s products, play environments, and services.

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