[North America] BCS2018 Event Staff Recruitment

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Want to help make Bushiroad tournaments the best they can be? Bushiroad is recruiting event staff for our event in the USA and Canada!


  • Event staff will be expected to work the full duration of the event with breaks. Basically, you may not only work half the event and leave.
  • Event staff, especially newcomers, are expected to attend a meeting Friday evening before the event in order to receive training.
  • Event staff will be compensated for the hours they work.
  • Event staff will be given all PR cards given to attendees at that tournament, as well as whatever the goodie bag given to attendees contains.
  • Event staff will be given a staff T-shirt to keep

If you are interested, please fill out the form HERE.

Should you have any questions feel free to or call us at (909) 869-9199 during business hours (PST)!