Shadowverse: Evolve English Edition to be launched in 2023

Singapore (December 6, 2022) – Bushiroad announces plans to launch the English Edition for popular trading card game (TCG) title Shadowverse: Evolve in 2023. The announcement was made via a special announcement video that premiered on YouTube on December 6, 2022.

Shadowverse: Evolve was released on April 28, 2022 for the Japanese market to critical acclaim. Based on the digital collectible card game (CCG) Shadowverse, Shadowverse: Evolve features similar gameplay and characters that fans of the franchise have come to know and love. While the Japanese Edition and English Edition will be treated as separate versions, the rules for both versions will be the same and players will be free to mix and match their decks for casual play. The game will be developed by Cygames, Inc. and published by Bushiroad International.

Shadowverse: Evolve is a competitive TCG where players battle as one of six different classes, summoning followers and casting spells to defeat their opponents. The gameplay closely follows the digital CCG with the inclusion of new mechanics that allow for new ways to play.

During the announcement, Yuito Kimura, producer of Shadowverse: Evolve, said that the team is working to create the best game experience possible for the global TCG community and existing fans of the Shadowverse CCG.
Bushiroad Inc. is an entertainment company known for its popular trading card games such as
Cardfight!! Vanguard and Weiß Schwarz, its mobile games such as Vanguard ZERO and BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!, as well as other entertainment contents that cater to a worldwide audience.

Bushiroad Inc. consists of 15 sub-entities: Bushiroad International Pte Ltd., Bushiroad USA Inc.,
Bushiroad Creative, Bushiroad Media, Bushiroad Move (HiBiKi), Bushiroad Music, Bushiroad Music
Publishing, Bushiroad Fight (STARDOM), New Japan Pro-Wrestling Co., Ltd., New Japan Pro-Wrestling
of America, Inc., Hikosen Theater Company and Sopratico Co. Ltd.
Cygames, Inc. was founded in May 2011 and has since launched hit mobile games such as Rage of Bahamut, Granblue Fantasy, Shadowverse, Princess Connect! Re: Dive, World Flipper, and Umamusume: Pretty Derby.
The success of its titles has allowed Cygames to expand into other media, including but not limited to manga, merchandise and anime.
Following the releases of Granblue Fantasy: Versus and Shadowverse: Champions Battle, the company is currently developing more console titles including Granblue Fantasy: Relink, Project Awakening and Project GAMM.

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