Anime Expo 2019 Entertainment Hall Events


Along with our exclusive merchandise being sold, we have many exciting events lined up for our card game fans!

Our TCG Area will be located at Entertainment Hall Booth #14, Come on by!

Free Fight Bingo

Available: July 4th – July 7th

  • Players will receive a sheet with a list of missions on the sheet.
  • Once they complete one of the missions they will raise their hand to call for a staff member to stamp their sheet to mark that they completed the mission
  • Once they have a ‘BINGO’ players can spin a prize wheel.
    – Players have to surrender their form to spin the prize wheel
  • If a player completes all the missions they will receive a ‘Playmat’


*Card is not included in lanyard
*While stock last

Batman Demo Session

Available: All days

  • Players will learn to play Weiss Schwarz using demo decks of our latest released title, Batman Ninja.
  • Completion will award the player with their own Batman Ninja Demo Deck as well as a special PR Card!

Case Closed Demo Session

Available: All days

  • Players will learn to play Future Card Buddyfight using cards from the popular anime series, Case Closed
  • Upon completion of the Demo Session, players will receive a special Flag card from Case Closed.

Case Closed Trial Decks are already on sales now and booster will be arriving on July 5th, 2019. For more information, please check the following links

Ace Trial Deck Cross Vol. 1: Case Closed -Side:White-
Ace Trial Deck Cross Vol. 2: Case Closed -Side:Black-
Ace Ultimate Booster Cross Vol. 1:
Case Closed

Vanguard Zero Demo

Available: All days

  • Participants will try out Vanguard Zero, our new mobile game coming 2019*
  • After going through the demo players will get a special PR card from Vanguard Zero
  • For more information, please visit Vanguard Zero Official site

8-Player tournament

Available: July 4th – July 7th

  • Players will sign up to play in an 8-Player tournament
  • Once 8 players have been gathered they will play against each other
  • Champion will receive 3 random booster packs

Cardfight!! Vanguard

  • Best of 1
  • 25 minute round
  • Single Elimination

Weiss Schwarz

  • Best of 1
  • 30 minute round
  • Single Elimination

Future Card Buddyfight

  • Best of 3
  • 40 minute round
  • Single Elimination

End of time protocol
10 minutes to complete 3 additional turns. If at the end of the 10 minutes or 3 turns, if the game would result in a draw, it will move onto sudden death

Sudden death
At the first change in damage, after resolving all abilities, the person with the most life is the winner.
– If at time players did not start game 3, players will be given an additional 15 minutes to complete a game 3.


July 4th – 6th

July 7th

*Blue indicates available timeslot for registration.
*Will start early only when 8 people have registered before the start time.


x3 Random Booster Pack