Code of Conduct | Bushiroad Judge Program

Bushiroad Judge Program

Bushiroad Judge Program
Code of Conduct

As a Judge, your responsibility is not limited to providing accurate answers to ruling questions. You are a community leader who should be looking out for the welfare of players, as well as considering yourself an representative of Bushiroad while on duty. While working/volunteering in such a capacity, you should always be mindful of your words and actions.

Judges are expected to behave in a professional manner during the events.

  1. Judges should be fair at all times and should not commit any dishonesty act.
  2. Judges are expected to treat everyone with respect.
  3. Judges are expected to be punctual and should inform the event organiser if they will be late.
  4. The role of the judges is to facilitate correct and fair gameplay and not to penalize players for honest mistakes.
  5. Judges should always assume goodwill and reasonable intent unless proven otherwise.
  6. Judges should be honest. If any wrong ruling or decision has been made, please highlight the issue or mistakes immediately if you realise they have made one.
  7. Judges should not create an unwelcoming environment or bullying culture at any time.
  8. Judges can interact with any community participants if they are not facilitating a task at hand.
  9. Judges are not to solicit either their own or other’s social media/organisation without prior approval from Bushiroad staff.
  10. Judges are not to create monetary transactions between any parties while on duty.