Bushiroad Rumble Online 2021

BRO 2021

  • BRO Regulations
  • General Regulations

Random Camera Checks

The Organizer may randomly choose players to conduct a camera check. The chosen player will have to move the camera to show his/her surroundings. This is to ensure that there are no other parties or cards in the area to prevent cheating.

Only licensed card supplies may be used

Card supplies (sleeves, playmats, etc.) that infringe any copyrights are not allowed.
Custom made supplies that do not infringe any copyrights are allowed.
However, certain supplies may still be declined by the organizer, if it does not meet the standards stated in the floor regulation.
Officially licensed products may also be rejected if they are deemed inappropriate, i.e. partial nudity, symbols etc.

You may check if your card supplies are licensed by checking the Copyright text.
Licensed products will contain the Copyright symbol and Company’s name.
Do a Google Search on the Copyright information to check if the name is from a Media/Game company where the art is originally from.


Sleeves Example

Copyright text included “KADOKAWA”, which is the Producer for the anime “The Detective Is Already Dead” (where the character art is originally from).

All Bushiroad Products [O]
Generic Licensed Products (e.g. Dragon Shields, Ultra Pro, Ultimate Guard) [O]
Other TCG [X]
Products that include fan art (e.g. Comiket Sleeves) [X]

  • First Offence Warning + Ask Players to change to other sleeves
  • Second Offence Game Loss

Should they not have other sleeves to change into, they are allowed to continue playing until the top 8/16, where they will be dropped from the tournament and the 9th Place or 17th Place will move up in rankings.

How to call a Judge

1. Inform your opponent that you’re calling a judge. The game is paused.
2. Leave your cards in your hand on the table as well, all cards must be visible
3. Call a judge by pinging “@Judge Table Number x” (Judge Roles will be available in the Discord Servers)
4. Only proceed after the Judge has entered the voice channel


As cutting your opponent’s deck is not possible through webcam tournaments, after shuffle, players must cut their deck into 3 equal piles and label the piles as 1, 2 and 3.
Your opponent will get to choose the order in which the piles will be stacked.

Recording of Matches

Players are strongly recommended to record their own matches as video proof for ruling disputes.
However, you are not allowed to stream your matches.
Please note that if you participate, there may be a chance that your match is recorded by your opponent for tournament purposes and may be uploaded.
Your match may also be streamed on our official channels.


If you are unsure of the number of warnings you have received, you may always check with the judge.

Preparation Time (after pairings and before start of the round)

Players have 5 minutes to get into your respective tables before the start of the round.
After the start of the round, if the opponent is still not at the table, you get a walk over.
*A walkover refers to awarding the victory to the participant whose opponent did not show up within 5 minutes after the start of the round


Organisers/Judges will announce the time remaining (5 or 10 minutes) before the end of the round.
Each player is responsible for their own timekeeping should they miss out on the notifications and pings from the judges.


  • All hand cards are always on screen (if you wish to move your hands off screen, please put the cards in your hand on the field).
  • Entire Field (Deck, hand, drop zone, damage zone, memory, stock, clock, flag, order zone, ride deck, etc.) has to be visible at all times.
  • Ensure all equipment are charged and functioning properly
  • Ideal set-up: Camera at an angle where you can always see the player’s hands
  • Bro 2021 Regulation Example Set-up

Throughout the Tournament

Cards leaving the camera: Once = Warning, Twice = Game Loss
Disconnected from the table: Once = Warning, Twice = Game loss

Should you face any video feed issues and want to reconnect, call a judge first before attempting to reconnect.
If the player connects, then disconnects, they have 5 minutes to reconnect before they are awarded a game loss. Players who reconnect after 1 minute will have to shuffle the deck. (For cards that rearranged the player deck, it will be a case by case basis by the Judge)

Top Cut

If the total number of participants at the start of the tournament is 257 and above, the tournament will have a Top 16 cut instead of Top 8.


All fighters (except the following):
* Organizer of the tournament
* Staffs of the tournament
* Head judge of the tournament
* Judges of the tournament

This follows the Bushiroad Floor regulation under 1.2.3. Eligibility of Fighters Bushiroad Floor regulation PDF

Only English edition cards may be used.

Cards from new expansions are legal to use from the expansion’s official release date.

Cards from expansions which are available after Sneak Preview / Pre-sale events are not allowed for use in the tournaments until the expansions are officially released.

*Kindly note that D-BT03 will not be allowed for use for Cardfight!! Vanguard Premium Format on 4-5 December.

A player must use the same deck throughout a tournament. No switching of cards is permitted in between games within a tournament.

Deck Registration
It is mandatory to register the deck (submit the deck list or submit the deck code via Decklog) upon tournament registration.
Discrepancies between the deck list and actual deck used in the tournament may result in a penalty.

**Please note that the tournament is an open deck list format. Your deck list code will be public during the tournament.

Fighters are required to use opaque card sleeves so that the back of cards cannot be easily distinguished.

Sleeves used for all cards must be of the same design unless otherwise stated. Clear outer sleeves may be used. However, the maximum number of layers allowed is 2. In the event the player chooses to use outer sleeves where one side is clear/gloss and the other is matte/textured, the matte/textured side should cover the front of the card (where the card art and text is found), and the glossy side should cover the back of the card.

* Please note that the above ruling only applies to the BRO2021 online events, and does not affect in-person events.


VGE-V, VGE-P: Imaginary Gift markers, Token Cards & G-deck (if any)
VGE-S: Ride Deck

VGE-S: You MUST use different card sleeves from your main deck for your Ride Deck.
VGE-V & VGE-P: You may choose to sleeve your Imaginary Gift Markers. However, if you do, you MUST use different card sleeves from your main deck for your Imaginary Gift markers.
VGE-P: You MUST use different card sleeves from your main deck for your G units.

Important Notes
Players have 10 minutes to finish the 3 extra turns. After 10 minutes or end of the third turn, whichever comes first, the winner is decided in the following manner:

・Cardfight!! Vanguard: The player with less damage wins the game. If the damage is the same, the game ends in a double loss.
・Weiss Schwarz: The player with the lower level wins the game. If the level is the same, the player with less clock wins the game. If the clock is the same, the game ends in a double loss.

In the top-cut, after 3 extra turns, the game will be decided by sudden death.
(Refer to Bushiroad TCG Advanced Floor regulation for more details)
For best of 3 formats, if the score is 1-1 after the extra turns procedure, both players will receive a loss.

VGE-S / VGE-V / VGE-P / WSE / Regulation & Formats

VGE Standard VGE V Premium VGE Premium Weiss Schwarz
Best of 1, Swiss 30 min/round Best of 1, Swiss 30 min/round Best of 1, Swiss 30 min/round Best of 1, Swiss 40 min/round
Number of rounds will be dependent on the number of participants and schedule.
Swiss Cut to top 8/top 16
Best of 1, Single Elimination 35 min/round Best of 1, Single Elimination 35 min/round Best of 1, Single Elimination 35 min/round Best of 1, Single Elimination 45 min/round