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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can players confirm their Friend Code?

You may check your Friend Code by going to:
・MENU > Profile
・MENU > Friend > Search

Can players change their Player Name?

Players should refrain from changing their in-game Player Name if they have qualified for the Circuit Finals. Player Names are one of the unique identifiers for players before, during, and after the event(s).

Are players allowed to switch decks and/or change cards in the midst of a tournament?

Players are NOT allowed to switch decks or change cards in the Open Qualifiers. During the Circuit Finals, however, Players will have to switch to the other available deck once the Player has won with the original deck. This follows the Best of 3, conquest format.

Are there any entry fees?

No, there are no entry fees for any of the Rank Fight Seasons. Both Open Qualifiers will not have an entry fee as well. Circuit Finals is an invite-only tournament.