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Bushiroad Judge Program

Roles and Responsibilities

As a Judge, your responsibility is not limited to providing accurate answers to ruling questions. You are a community leader who should be looking out for the welfare of players, and create a welcoming environment for all the players regardless of event as an extension of Bushiroad. As such, while working/volunteering in such a capacity, you should always be mindful of your words and actions.

Below are some points which Judges are expected to behave during the tournament.

  1. Judges are expected to treat players with respect as well as enforcing tournament integrity at the same time.
  2. Judges should put on their best behavior and be professional at all times.
  3. Judges should not create an unwelcome environment or bullying culture at the event.
  4. Judges should not be late for duties.
  5. Judges should be honest. If any wrong ruling or decision has been made, please highlight the issue or mistakes immediately if you realise they have made one.
  6. Judges should be fair at all times and should not commit any dishonesty act.

Point System

When a Judge helps out for a Bushiroad-Sanctioned Event and the Shop has submitted the Tournament Report to Bushiroad, the Judge will gain Bushi Points (BP) which can be used to redeem items from the Redemption Page.

Judges will need to fill up the Tournament Report form which is to be signed by the shop owner or employee and email to us at

Bushi Points Calculations

Number of Bushi Points earned for helping out with the following Bushiroad-Sanctioned Events
Working a regional/online event gives you minimum 1 judge promo* & points
Physical (Regional) Events – 7,500 per day (15,000 total per weekend)
Online Events – 5,000 BP per day
Shop Challenges = 500 BP
In-Store Events = 100 BP
*For Shadowverse: Evolve BSF 2024 Regional events, instead of a promo card, judges will receive an additional 5000 points

Number of Bushi Points multiplier for each Judge Levels
Level 2 Judge = 1.5
Level 1 Judge = 1.0
Provisional Judge = 1.0
Events Judge = 0

Judges can find the items that can be redeemed and the amount of Bushi Points needed at the Redemption page here.

Judge Report

For Bushiroad Official Judge Event Report, Please click here


Frequently Asked Question

Q. I attempted the previous online test or interview but did not pass, am I able to try again this time?
A. Yes, you may try again this time.

Q. I attempted the previous test but did not receive any reply, what should I do?
A. You most likely did not make it past the previous test. We would suggest you try again with the current test.

Q. I have passed the online test but was not able to attend any interview in the previous test, what should I do?
A. Please participate in the current test.

Q. What should I do if I cannot attend an interview at any upcoming Regional Championship location?
A. Please kindly contact us to arrange for a timing convenient for all parties.

Q. Am I an active Judge?

  1. A judge is considered active if they have passed online test within last 2 years
    • “Active” status begins on the date of email confirmation (not the date of taking the test)

Q. What happens if I become inactive?

  1. If a judge fails to retake (and pass) the test within 2 years they will be removed as an active judge
    • If a judge fails the test within the 2 years of active judge status, their judge status will be put into a probation status. **Please refer to probation
  2. If an inactive judge wishes to resume being a part of the judge program, and is reinstated after their renewal period they will be demoted to provisional status.
    • This is to ensure that they will come back and be able to re-review the relevant rulings/floor rules at the current time.

Q. What is Probation?

  1. A judge can be put into a probation status on a case by case basis (example: Failing to uphold what is expected of a judge in “Roles and Responsibilities of a Judge.”)
    • Probation status prohibits judges from judging physical events until they pass their next online test.

Floor Rules
Bushiroad Floor Rules

Comprehensive Rules (Cardfight!! Vanguard)
Cardfight!! Vanguard Comprehensive Rules

Comprehensive Rules (Weiß Schwarz)
WSE Comprehensive Rules