CharaExpo USA Press Release – 15 October 2019

CharaExpo’s Mascot character gets a new illustration!

BanG Dream! and BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! CharaExpo USA Exclusive Merchandise will be available only at the Bushiroad Merchandise Booth! Get yours while you can!


Acrylic Keychains

Car Winshield Sun Shade

Bumper Magnet

Folding Fan

Button Bade Set

Get a free entry prize for coming to CharaExpo USA 2019!

Choose from 3 different items:
– Garu Party! & Starlight Fest Strap
– Matsuri TCG Deck Case
– NJPW Car Freshener

*First come first serve. While supplies last.
*Limited to one per customer per day.
*Attendee will receive a stamp on the designated spot in their pamphlet.

A celebration of BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! and Revue Starlight Re LIVE is coming to the USA for the first time ever! Check out the fun activities brought to you straight from Japan!

Food Vendors

Grisaia: Phantom Trigger

At the booth for the latest work in the Grisaia series, “Grisaia: Phantom Trigger THE ANIMATION”, visitors can participate in the puzzle game “SORD: First Mission”, which was very well received last year.

Of course the puzzles will be one step up from last time!

Successful participants will receive a small gift, so don’t miss it!

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Gather round, Heroic Spirits!
The FGO Duel Tournament is coming to CharaExpo USA 2019!

More information coming soon!

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Sponsors are being continuously added!

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